Items of Fees:

1.Application fee: 1000RMB

2.Examination fee: 2500RMB

3.Annual fee: 1000RMB per yearfrom 1st to 6th year, 1200RMB per year (from 7th year to the year of expirement)

Only RMB will be accepted.


Ways of payment

1. pay directly at reception section of PVP office

2. post address: The Office for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants, MOA, P.R.China

Building 20, Maizidian Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100125, P.R.China

3. post address:Nongfeng Building,No.96 Dongsanhuannanlu,Chaoyang District,100122,Beijing,P.R.China


Where any fee is paid by way of post or postal remittance, it or he shall indicate on the money order the denomination of the variety and shall send to the Reception Section of the Office for Protection of Varieties by facsimile or by post the copy of the receipt of the remittance, and the number of the application or that of the variety right, the name or title of the applicant or the variety right holder and the name of the fees paid shall be indicated.